Garsington Village Hall is re-opening!

We have been working hard to make the Village Hall COVID-19 secure and are now happy to announce that the hall will be re-opening from 15th September 2020. In order to comply with Government guidelines there are a number of restrictions which we have to put in place but we are hoping to welcome back our usual hirers. Dance, gym and exercise classes are now allowed to take place indoors albeit with restricted numbers but some other events are still not possible.  To enquire about booking the hall please contact Marie on 01865 361200.

We will be continuously monitoring the advice from the Government in order to keep everyone safe and we look forward to welcoming everyone back again soon.

Garsington Village Hall Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting 8/2/2016

Minutes of Village Hall Management Committee Meeting held on

Monday 8th February, 2016 at 7.00pm

Present:  David Baker (Chair), Marie Holmes (Booking Secretary), Nigel Holmes, Mike Patrick (Treasurer), Annie Winner (Minutes), Adrian Townsend and Alan Bower .  Apologies were received from John Seymour and Helen Elphick

Item Action
1.Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.
2.Matters Arising

– The insurance has been renewed with the same company.

– MH has put a box on the booking form for business users to confirm they have public liability insurance.



3. Treasurer’s Report

– We are in a healthy position.

– Performing Rights licence has been renewed for another year.

– The Community First (formerly ORCC) subscription has been renewed. It is now £50.

– The Annual Return for 2015 for the Charity Commissioners has been completed.

– DB asked how often the windows had been cleaned.  It was agreed they should be done every two months.




4. Booking Secretary’s report

– Bookings continue to be healthy. We had 29 bookings in December and 28 in January.

–  Executive Alarms had visited and found everything to be in order except the emergency light in the Gents’ toilet is not working. AB will arrange an electrician to look at it.                                                                               AB

– PAT testing is due to be carried out shortly.

– The Tai Chi class has been cancelled due to low attendance.

– SODC has sent information about Active Lifestyles for the over 60s.

– A floor plan for the tables and chairs has been devised and will be displayed on the noticeboard.                                                             MH

– Elections are on May 5

– There is a booking for a Footpaths Enquiry on 8,9,10 & 11 March

5. Executive Alarms

– We are getting a second quote for fire protection.



6. TENs licence

– DB has been informed that the number of applications permitted per year has been increased from 12 to 15.



7.  Any Other Business

– Helen Elphick had emailed DB to say 1.That the Hall was wearing well, but the curtain rails needed changing as they don’t work well.  It was felt it was not necessary to change them at this time, but agreed to return to this issue at another time.  2.That the current vacuum cleaner was not fit for purpose.  It was agreed that it should be replaced for a maximum of £150.  NH will purchase a new one.

– MP was concerned that as the transformer for the defibrillator was under the sink in the Ladies’ toilet it could get wet.  AB confirmed that it was waterproof.







11. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 6 April 2016 at 7.00 pm


Minutes of Committee Meeting 21/09/15

Minutes of Village Hall Management Committee held on Monday September 21 2015

Present:  David Baker, Marie Holmes, Nigel Holmes, Mike Patrick, Annie Winner, Adrian Townsend.  Apologies were received from John Seymour, Helen Elphick and Alan Bower

Item Action
1.Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record
2.Matters Arising

– Minutes of the committee meetings are now in the Newsfeed on the web site

– The new clock in the Townsend Room has been donated by John and Lyn Seymour

– A risk assessment for mobility scooters has been carried out by AT and DB.  The report is in DB’s file

– It was reported that the Parish Council is not willing to subsidise the installation of solar panels

3. Treasurer’s Report

– We are still in a healthy position.  The invoice for the sandblasting of the railings has been paid

4. Booking Secretary’s report

– The regular bookings continue and there are to be two planning enquiries of 4 & 5 days in January and March.  There are lots of party bookings and exercise classes, but there will be no more whist drives.  We had 31 bookings in June, 27 in July, 15 in August and 30 in September

– There has been a request to hire the hall for Rugby Tots but the Committee decided that the risk of damage, especially to the ceiling baffles, was too great and it was suggested they be referred to the Sports and Social Club.

-Problems with the light/ventilator in the gents loo and with the hoover have been sorted by AB

– MH tabled the new booking form which was discussed and amended

5. Executive Alarms

Service and maintenance alarms had been suggested by Executive Alarms:  the one for the intruder alarm would be £85 for one visit per year, and for the fire alarm and lights £155 and 2 visits per year, both plus VAT.

DB will circulate their proposal for further discussion and a decision at the next meeting.

6. Defibrillator

The Parish Council has 3 of these to be installed at the shop, the Sports and Social Club and, it was agreed, at the Village Hall between the two toilet windows at the car park end.  A 24 electric feed was necessary which the Committee agreed to pay for.  It is used by dialling a number and being talked through whatever needs doing, so no training is required.

7. Handrail

Agreed they had done a good job and carried out a few repairs.  Agreed to leave a decision about painting until spring

8. Alcohol

Agreed to add a link to SODC and Youguv licensing services to the website to facilitate hirers making applications for a TENS licence.

9. AGM agenda

This will be on Monday October 19 2015 at 7.30 pm

AW to invite users and village organisations

AT to put a piece in the parish newsletter





10. Any Other Business

– Agreed that the Players’ lights can be stored in the loft.  Also agreed that they can be used by other people.

– Outside area needs strimming and tidying up.  MP will ask Chris – if he can’t do it AW knows someone who might be interested.

– The AGM of ORCC is on October 1 in Kirtlington Village Hall – no one available to go

– Still nothing has been done by the council about the path outside the hall

11. Date of next meeting

Monday 23 November 2015 at 7.00 pm




Minutes of meeting 30.3.2015

Minutes of Village Hall Management Committee held on Monday March 30 2015

Present:  David Baker, Marie Holmes, Nigel Holmes, Mike Patrick, Annie Winner, Adrian Townsend, Helen Elphick, John Seymour

1.Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.
2.Matters Arising– Replacement of missing items in hand.

– Curtain tracks awaiting attention

– No meeting with OCC re steep path has yet been arranged.  AB will investigate approved OCC contractors and ask for quotes.

– Agreed not to allow bouncy castles

– Minutes of Village Hall Committee meetings not yet on the website, but agreed to display them on the Hall noticeboard





3. Treasurer’s Report– We are still in a healthy position.

– We have received notification that we are not liable to pay council tax.

4. Booking Secretary’s report– March has been a busy month.  There is a new Tai Chi class starting 7 April, sponsored by Age UK, cost £4.  There have been quite a few parties.  May, June and July are a bit thin at the moment.  There is a party on Easter Monday paying weekend rates.  


5. Alcohol licenceAll had read the documentation.  It was pointed out that if we had an alcohol licence a committee member would have to be present at all hirings.  A vote was taken:  1 was in favour and 7 were against.  It was agreed that we would look at it again in a year’s time.  



6. Garsington PlanDB was concerned that the village hall was not mentioned as a survivor reception centre in the Garsington Plan (unlike the church and the sports hall).  AW (who was on the Steering Group for the Plan) explained that the hall was certainly not deliberately excluded, and that the inclusion of a section on the Sports and Social was because the future of the building was under discussion.  MP agreed to bring this up at the Parish Council and AT offered to write to the Parish clerk to express concern.
7. StagingMH, NH and AT still working on figures for various options.

There had been a complaint that the projector (which was paid for by the Garsington Society) had not been available for loan.  It was pointed out that the projector belongs to the hall, and is not insured for use elsewhere.  It was agreed that nothing from the hall should be used outside the hall, although individual requests may be considered on their merits.

8. Open dayAT said that LT would come up with some ideas after Easter to improve hall use.  AW suggested that it would be useful to have a baseline so that we would be able to measure progress.  MH said that there had been 31 bookings in March and 18 in April.   



9. Any Other BusinessNH said that the battery on the alarm needed changing.

– MH said that some of the tables don’t always stay up, particularly the small ones.

– MH has redesigned the booking form.  She agreed to send it round for feedback.

– AB had got quotes to shotblast the railings (£900 + VAT) plus £1000 + VAT for repainting. Agreed to take the decision about whether to go ahead at the next meeting.

-HE asked where the clock was.




10. Date of next meeting: June 22 2015 at 7.00 pm  

COMEDY OF ERRORS Friday 31st July 2015

At the Village Hall Friday 31st July @7.30pm. Come and see this production by Don’t Hate the Players theatre group, before they perform at Oxford Castle. Tickets available on the door or from!comedy-of-errors/c1sjx


Gathering at Garsington 16th-20th September 2014

Don’t miss this newly revised production of Gathering at Garsington which was first staged at Garsington Manor Barn in 1994. This new production combines local talent with actors and musicians from around the country and is written by local resident Adrian Townsend. Tickets available by telephone 01865 361200 or via website:

Another great production coming to the Village Hall

Scaramouche Jones will be performed on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th May 2014 @ 7.30pm. A really interesting play……..

The 31st December 1999, midnight approaches and the millennium festivities build towards the midnight climax. During the last hour of 1999, Scaramouche Jones, an aged circus clown prepares to meet his destiny, and recounts the story of his life, having played the mime for fifty years, he chooses to break his silence and share his extraordinary story. In a beguiling, beautiful, heartbreaking 90 minutes of storytelling. From being born in a Trinidadian slum, sold as a slave, becoming a snake charmer’s assistant, feted by an Italian Prince, gypsy traveller, inmate of a monastery, grave digger in a concentration camp, to the rattling eaves of Waterloo Bridge. These episodes of his life have each ingrained on him its own white mask – masks of emotion or environment; layers of the world he carries with him. And now, as each white mask is stripped away, along with his red nose, oversize shoes, clown wig, white gloves and tailcoat, he prepares to face the ‘ravishing nuptial embrace of that last goodnight’.So welcome to the Circus, ‘my good ghosts’ and join me on this amazing journey through the 20thcentury.

For more details and tickets contact Marie Holmes 01865 361200.


We hope you have seen the changing photos on our home page. They show two from the official opening of the hall and two from different wedding receptions held this year. We hope you will agree they show the hall can be successfully set up for all occasions.