December Update (December 2011)

Well, well, well

Another surprise has been uncovered as the building work progresses. After demolition of the old shed, footings were being dug out for the new committee room and the builders discovered the remains of an old circular well.

South Oxfordshire District Council building officers have been consulted and it has been filled-in to their satisfaction. Two of the latest photographs show the circular outline of red bricks. None of us on the management committee have any knowledge of a well being in place on the site of the village hall. We would be interested to know if anyone can remember such a thing.

Did the well serve the surrounding houses? If you know anything about it, or its history, please get in touch with me on 01865 361223.

In addition to the latest discovery, work progresses on the exterior cladding and the roof strengthening is nearly complete. The structural roof timbers are now double the original thickness.

The old shed has been demolished along with the kitchen and the footings are in place for the new kitchen and committee room extension.

The next few weeks will see the completion of the exterior cladding and work beginning on the new roof covering. If the weather is favourable, we hope this will be completed before Christmas. In the new year, work will then concentrate on the internal alterations and fittings.

We are very pleased with the work of Stone Ark builders and the continued help and guidance of the architect, Andrew Petrons.

The project is continuing on schedule for the planned completion at the end of February 2012.