Minutes of Committee Meeting 8/2/2016

Minutes of Village Hall Management Committee Meeting held on

Monday 8th February, 2016 at 7.00pm

Present:  David Baker (Chair), Marie Holmes (Booking Secretary), Nigel Holmes, Mike Patrick (Treasurer), Annie Winner (Minutes), Adrian Townsend and Alan Bower .  Apologies were received from John Seymour and Helen Elphick

Item Action
1.Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.
2.Matters Arising

– The insurance has been renewed with the same company.

– MH has put a box on the booking form for business users to confirm they have public liability insurance.



3. Treasurer’s Report

– We are in a healthy position.

– Performing Rights licence has been renewed for another year.

– The Community First (formerly ORCC) subscription has been renewed. It is now £50.

– The Annual Return for 2015 for the Charity Commissioners has been completed.

– DB asked how often the windows had been cleaned.  It was agreed they should be done every two months.




4. Booking Secretary’s report

– Bookings continue to be healthy. We had 29 bookings in December and 28 in January.

–  Executive Alarms had visited and found everything to be in order except the emergency light in the Gents’ toilet is not working. AB will arrange an electrician to look at it.                                                                               AB

– PAT testing is due to be carried out shortly.

– The Tai Chi class has been cancelled due to low attendance.

– SODC has sent information about Active Lifestyles for the over 60s.

– A floor plan for the tables and chairs has been devised and will be displayed on the noticeboard.                                                             MH

– Elections are on May 5

– There is a booking for a Footpaths Enquiry on 8,9,10 & 11 March

5. Executive Alarms

– We are getting a second quote for fire protection.



6. TENs licence

– DB has been informed that the number of applications permitted per year has been increased from 12 to 15.



7.  Any Other Business

– Helen Elphick had emailed DB to say 1.That the Hall was wearing well, but the curtain rails needed changing as they don’t work well.  It was felt it was not necessary to change them at this time, but agreed to return to this issue at another time.  2.That the current vacuum cleaner was not fit for purpose.  It was agreed that it should be replaced for a maximum of £150.  NH will purchase a new one.

– MP was concerned that as the transformer for the defibrillator was under the sink in the Ladies’ toilet it could get wet.  AB confirmed that it was waterproof.







11. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 6 April 2016 at 7.00 pm