Minutes of Committee Meeting 21/09/15

Minutes of Village Hall Management Committee held on Monday September 21 2015

Present:  David Baker, Marie Holmes, Nigel Holmes, Mike Patrick, Annie Winner, Adrian Townsend.  Apologies were received from John Seymour, Helen Elphick and Alan Bower

Item Action
1.Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record
2.Matters Arising

– Minutes of the committee meetings are now in the Newsfeed on the web site

– The new clock in the Townsend Room has been donated by John and Lyn Seymour

– A risk assessment for mobility scooters has been carried out by AT and DB.  The report is in DB’s file

– It was reported that the Parish Council is not willing to subsidise the installation of solar panels

3. Treasurer’s Report

– We are still in a healthy position.  The invoice for the sandblasting of the railings has been paid

4. Booking Secretary’s report

– The regular bookings continue and there are to be two planning enquiries of 4 & 5 days in January and March.  There are lots of party bookings and exercise classes, but there will be no more whist drives.  We had 31 bookings in June, 27 in July, 15 in August and 30 in September

– There has been a request to hire the hall for Rugby Tots but the Committee decided that the risk of damage, especially to the ceiling baffles, was too great and it was suggested they be referred to the Sports and Social Club.

-Problems with the light/ventilator in the gents loo and with the hoover have been sorted by AB

– MH tabled the new booking form which was discussed and amended

5. Executive Alarms

Service and maintenance alarms had been suggested by Executive Alarms:  the one for the intruder alarm would be £85 for one visit per year, and for the fire alarm and lights £155 and 2 visits per year, both plus VAT.

DB will circulate their proposal for further discussion and a decision at the next meeting.

6. Defibrillator

The Parish Council has 3 of these to be installed at the shop, the Sports and Social Club and, it was agreed, at the Village Hall between the two toilet windows at the car park end.  A 24 electric feed was necessary which the Committee agreed to pay for.  It is used by dialling a number and being talked through whatever needs doing, so no training is required.

7. Handrail

Agreed they had done a good job and carried out a few repairs.  Agreed to leave a decision about painting until spring

8. Alcohol

Agreed to add a link to SODC and Youguv licensing services to the website to facilitate hirers making applications for a TENS licence.

9. AGM agenda

This will be on Monday October 19 2015 at 7.30 pm

AW to invite users and village organisations

AT to put a piece in the parish newsletter





10. Any Other Business

– Agreed that the Players’ lights can be stored in the loft.  Also agreed that they can be used by other people.

– Outside area needs strimming and tidying up.  MP will ask Chris – if he can’t do it AW knows someone who might be interested.

– The AGM of ORCC is on October 1 in Kirtlington Village Hall – no one available to go

– Still nothing has been done by the council about the path outside the hall

11. Date of next meeting

Monday 23 November 2015 at 7.00 pm