Another great production coming to the Village Hall

Scaramouche Jones will be performed on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th May 2014 @ 7.30pm. A really interesting play……..

The 31st December 1999, midnight approaches and the millennium festivities build towards the midnight climax. During the last hour of 1999, Scaramouche Jones, an aged circus clown prepares to meet his destiny, and recounts the story of his life, having played the mime for fifty years, he chooses to break his silence and share his extraordinary story. In a beguiling, beautiful, heartbreaking 90 minutes of storytelling. From being born in a Trinidadian slum, sold as a slave, becoming a snake charmer’s assistant, feted by an Italian Prince, gypsy traveller, inmate of a monastery, grave digger in a concentration camp, to the rattling eaves of Waterloo Bridge. These episodes of his life have each ingrained on him its own white mask – masks of emotion or environment; layers of the world he carries with him. And now, as each white mask is stripped away, along with his red nose, oversize shoes, clown wig, white gloves and tailcoat, he prepares to face the ‘ravishing nuptial embrace of that last goodnight’.So welcome to the Circus, ‘my good ghosts’ and join me on this amazing journey through the 20thcentury.

For more details and tickets contact Marie Holmes 01865 361200.